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Blastcon Australia Pty Ltd

Explosives Safety, Training,Security and Drill and Blast Contracting 

Blastcon Australia Pty Ltd is a company dedicated to safety and efficiency in the explosive and related industries.

Blastcon began in 2003 to meet the needs of mining personnel and assist them in understanding the application and implementation of the Explosives Legislation.

Blastcon  is highly respected in providing quality, highly informative shotfirer training to Open Cut and Underground.


Audits and Inspections

Whether you are an SSE, Mine Manager, Supervisor, Shotfirer or an assistant, you all have a responsibility under the Explosives and Mining Acts.


Safety Management Systems & Procedures

Blastcon Australia Pty Ltd  has reviewed, developed & implemented Safety Management Systems for most major mining companies & contractors. We keep ourselves up to date through industry forums, conferences & a close association with the Inspectorate.


SSAN Security Plans

Blastcon produced the first SSAN Security Plan in Australia for the BMA mines and has since implemented this plan into several other mines. We can do the same for you.

Underground  Drilling and Blasting Contractors and Open Cut Drilling and Blasting Contractors

Blastcon Australia Pty Ltd can provide experienced Shotfiring services for all aspects of Underground Hard rock, Underground Coal, Seismic Blasting, Demolition, Disposal Blasting, as well as  Open Cut Loading and rock-on-ground contract services. Blastcon Australia are specialists in all blasting systems from Electrics, Non Electric, Non explosives and Electronics .

Explosives Training – Becoming a Shotfirer in the Mining Industry

In the past, the best way into a mining job was through the blast crew. Legislation has changed in most states, forced partly by safety but also by security. Now to get a position on a blast crew a person generally has to have some form of training in legislative responsibilities and safety in Handling, Transport and Storage of Explosives.  Blastcon Australia Pty Ltd provide nationally recognised training programs to help you to achieve a position in the mining industry.

Persons must be at least 18 years of age and have an acceptable Police and ASIO clearance certificate.

Blastcon Australia Pty Ltd provides an extensive range of training for the explosive/shotfiring and SSAN sectors.

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