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Explosive Magazines & Signs

Explosive Magazines 

All states require explosives to be stored in a licenced facility.

Blastcon Australia Pty Ltd  can assist in all your Explosive Storage needs;

  • just providing information on legislative requirements,
  • Conducting pre-audit inspections so that all issues are correct when the inspector comes out to visit,
  • Providing Magazine systems and training of Magazine Keepers
  • Complete supply of Magazines in a fully compliant yard, licensed and ready to use,
  • Quarterly and Annual Storage Inspections and Audits


Explosive Signs

“flip down”, “drop down”,  or folding Explosives and Class Label, Class diamond.

LED Solar Deliniation



Blastcon Australia is proud to announce they are the sole supplier of the CDMI AUSTRALIA GUIDANCE SYSTEM.
Using your current Site Traffic Management Plan, install the posts as required in either one meter lengths for centre bunds or two meter lengths for outer edge of haul roads to highlight intersection traffic flow. The configuration is up to you. CDMI Australia Guidance system is not limited to just haul roads. We not only offer white standard guide posts, but Green for light vehicle access roads and yellow for haul truck access roads and red for Blast delineation .
Two years of Design, Industrial, Chemical and Electrical Engineers have helped to bring this innovative product to life. No stone has been left unturned. Multiple Proof of Concept Prototypes being trialed in real world conditions on site with all four seasons throwing their best to make this product the best it can be.
DELINEATE A BLAST PATTERN Use the Green light/medium vehicle guidance poles for your blast pattern access and Red poles for the blast pattern perimeter. This will significantly increase visibility to all mine site personnel.
The Blue guidance poles will clearly identify any bodies of water on site. Place the Blue guidance poles at either end of a water pipe under a haul road. You may have water pipe along the side of a haul road. Use to identify in pit sumps or bodies of water under a high wall. Access points to dams or water filled drains.

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