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Safety Systems & Security

Safety Management Systems and Security Plans

It is a requirement of all Mining and Explosives legislation to ensure that places where Blasting is undertaken, have in place a Safety Management System and Procedures.

Safety Management Plans

Blastcon Australia Pty Ltd has been developing or assisting in the development and review of Explosives Safety Management Plans for Mining companies, Contractors and Explosives companies since 2003.

Clients include but are not limited to; BMA Coal Mines QLD, BHPB Iron Ore -WA; Glencore-Xstrata Coal Mines QLD; Rio Tinto Coal Hail Creek, Clermont and Kestrel mines; Anglo American QLD; Wesfarmers Curragh; Rocky’s Own Transport; Action Drill and Blast.

Explosives Security Plans

Qld was the first state to implement the Ammonium Nitrate Security Plan requirements set down by the COAG in 2004. Blastcon lodged the first full Explosives Security Plan in Australia, which Blastcon developed to include Ammonium Nitrate and Explosives, in Qld in 2005 for BMA. Since then many companies have utilised Blastcon to develop their own site based plans in Qld, NSW and WA.

The Qld Explosives Inspectorate has also promoted the Blastcon plan as a base for others to follow. The plan developed for HWE mining in WA (which has now been modified for BHPBIO after the takeover) impressed the Explosives Inspector so much that they asked for the presentation to show other inspectors.

Procedures and Safe Work Instructions

Accompanying all Safety Management Plans are Procedures or Safe Work Instructions. Blastcon has developed and implemented many SOP’s and SWI’s in QLD, WA and NSW in Coal Mines, Quarries, Hard rock mines, Transport Companies and Contractors.

Accompanying all SOP or SWI’s are full Risk Assessments and Blastcon has facilitated and been involved in many Risk Assessment workshops.

Licensing and Approvals

Blastcon has been instrumental in the set-up and licensing of many Ammonium Nitrate facilities and Explosive storage magazines, for both open cut and underground mines. Glenn Hames has intimate knowledge of the licensing system having been an Inspector of Explosives for the Qld Explosives Inspectorate. We can assist in all aspects of licensing and approval processes.

Sites include but are not limited to: Rio Tinto Clermont; BMA Goonyella/Riverside; Norwich Park; Xstrata Oaky Creek; BMA Daunia and Cavel Ridge; Kestrel South; Action D&B Middlemount and Isaac Plains; Peabody Middlemount; BMA Broadmeadow.

Should your company require Security Plans, Blast Management Systems or Site Procedures call us, we will go anywhere.

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